OefoO Nightfall Organic t-shirt


This unisex organic t-shirt is as dark as the night, so the unisex white OefoO logo seems to rise from the middle of the night. Order now at OefoO!



Just like our other organic t-shirts, the unisex OefoO Nightfall is a bit bigger than what you might be used to. Uncertain about the size? Then we always recommend a size smaller. Of course it is also super fun to wear this shirt a little looser!

All shirts from OefoO are made from organic cotton, which is also pre-shrunk to ensure that your shirt shrinks as little as possible when you first wash it. The logo has been set up with a silkscreen and the shirt is produced in a factory with a FAIR WEAR certificate. In this video you can see how this process works and in which circumstances the employees work. A very unique look in the kitchen, because often this process remains behind closed doors. With OefoO you know for sure that sustainable and ecologically responsible means actually sustainable and ecologically sound.


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