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OefoO is a sustainable clothing webshop that takes a slightly different approach than the others. With us is not only sustainable and biological material that is manufactured in a responsible way for people and nature centrally; we also want to show that sustainable clothing can also be fun! In our webshop you will find a diverse range of t-shirts, sweaters and bags that can be worn by everyone. With the OefoO logo you show that you choose conscious clothing. You want to share that with everyone?

Why choose a sustainable clothing webshop?

We understand that it is tempting to buy the most cheap t-shirts so that you have a lot of choice in your closet. But often cheap is also expensive to buy because the material is often of poor quality. After a few washes the shape will go out and the color will also fade. In addition, there is often a lot of pollution involved and the employees of the factory in which your t-shirt is made work in appalling conditions.

Sustainable clothing from OefoO

With the sustainable clothing from OefoO you are assured of clothing of the highest quality with the least damage for people and nature. All clothing and accessories that you can order in our webshop is made from organic cotton and produced CO2 neutral. Production is only produced in factories with a FAIR WEAR certificate. In these factories the conditions for the employees are good and they receive a fair reward for the work they provide. In this way you ensure better conditions for both people and the environment.

Our motto is: think before you buy. Always choose a sustainable clothing webshop like UFOO.