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Good working conditions

In the factories where the organic wear of OefoO is made, they work under the FAIR WEAR certificate. A quality mark that ensures that workers are not exploited during the production process, but receive a fair reward. In the factory, the conditions of the workers are also carefully considered. No suffering for your new clothes!

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Organic & environment

Our clothing is made from organic cotton and is produced CO2 neutral. This means that all cotton in our clothing has not been treated with chemicals. These chemicals cause huge contamination worldwide on land and in the water. But the workers who have to work with it are also contaminated with it.

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The materials our clothing is made from are strong, do not shrink, stay beautiful and in shape and wear slowly. This means that your clothes last longer and you therefore need something new less quickly. OefoO thinks about this, because overproduction causes a huge burden on the environment. #thinkbeforeyoubuy

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