Organic, Ethical, Low Carbon …

But is that really true or is it a sales story? When we started with OefoO we started looking for an honest partner, one who is under the control of as many fair organizations as possible and also gives a glimpse into what they do and how they work.

The clothing is made in India by an English company called Continental Clothing. Because in Europe there is hardly any textile production. That it is made in India does not mean that it always happens under bad conditions. This company proves that it can be done differently. Not only do they make the clothes, they also process the raw cotton into the product that it eventually becomes: clothing. From cotton ball, via spinning, dyeing, sewing to folding and sending.

In the video you see the inside of the factory, how the processes work, the conditions of the employees, the machines, the way in which water and energy are handled. A look in the kitchen.

We bring you art to wear. Our artists design exclusively for OefoO and profit directly from the sales. You look awesome and support them.

We ourselves try to work as green as possible in all areas. We use as little paper as possible and if we use it, then it is FSC certified. We also bank with a ‘ green ‘ bank and find our insurance man and environment just as more important than earning money.

It can be so simple…

THINK BEFORE YOU BUY (and look awesome)!

Onze kunstenaars

Irene van Aarle
Visual artist, painter, writer
Serge Kortenbroek
Street artist
Nikki Nooteboom
Photographer, designer & teacher
Tony Vicentino
Visual artist, motion graphics designer, art director